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Music (9-1) OCR specification

Assessment materials

  Sample assessment materials taster booklet (PDF, 1MB)

  Unit J536/03 and J536/04 - Practical component - Composition brief (PDF, 1MB)

  Unit J536/05 - Listening and appraising - Sample assessment material (PDF, 1MB)

Candidate exemplars

Composition for integrated portfolio and practical component

J536 - This resource provides candidate style examples of acceptable score formats, with associated examiner commentary. PDF 1MB

Listening and appraising

J536 -Mock answers with examiner commentary for the Listening and appraising sample question paper. PDF 2MB

Non-exam assessment (NEA)

Practical component composition briefs June 2018

J536/03/04 - PDF 3MB


Paper 5

Jun 2018